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Heliotopos was founded in 1985 in Santorini, creating a hotel in Imerovigli that first operated in 1990. Thereafter, the company's activities were extended to other sectors by setting up subsidiaries that, today, along with Heliotopos Hotel, constitute the Heliotopos group.


The activities of Heliotopos Group are:




- Operation management and marketing of Heliotopos Hotel in Imerovigli, Santorini

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Conferences and meetings


- Organisation of international conferences and meetings, incentive trips and special interest tours

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Destination Weddings


- Organisation of wedding ceremonies in Santorini and other destinations in Greece, mainly for the residents of other countries

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- Informative and news content websites

- Travel guides and books

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- e-Shop specialised in selling products related to Santorini such as local wine and food, books, guides, miniatures and so on

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